Designing, Restoring, and Preserving Stained Glass Masterpieces

When You Need to Preserve a Stained Glass Masterpiece

TERHAAR Experience, Knowledge, and Love of Glasswork Can Provide the Service You Need

  • New custom stained glass design
  • Repair, restoration, and preservation
  • New aluminum thermal frames
  • Maintenance and replacement of outside protective glass
  • Hand-painted and kiln fire glass designs
  • Window framing
  • Exterior protective coverings
  • Ventilators


We pride ourselves in our excellent reputation for our artistry and expertise in repairing and restoring stained glass windows.

TERHAAR stained glass studio takes special care in using the finest materials to preserve the original design's integrity, glass, leading, and reinforcing materials.

We are also able to hand-paint and kiln-fired glass to restore the original design.

Protective Glass Framework

A good solution for insulation and protection for your windows and wood framing with stained glass is to install an outside protective glass covering.

Protective glass covering can easily be attached to existing framing or new framing to eliminate: heat loss, cooling loss, water damage to paint and wood, effectively preserving your valuable stained glass windows.

It is important to allow proper ventilation both inside and outside to prevent damage to your stained glass.

New Framing System

TERHAAR stained glass studio provides and installs the finest anodized or painted thermally broken aluminum framing available.

Ventilation is important to include in your installation.

The framing can be a custom vent to fit any architectural style or a stained glass window design.

These frames house both the stained glass and insulated glass in one energy-efficient and cost-effective unit.


Installations range from high on a steeple to small windows at ground level.

TERHAAR has the experienced craftsman to install your stained glass windows properly.

Our experts are committed to helping you access the condition of your stained glass. Let us help you preserve your masterpieces for generations to come.