Upcycling through Stained Glass Direct

At TERHAAR, we believe in the environmental benefits of up-cycling.  We have always saved our scrap glass, but keeping them in boxes and using them seldom seemed a poor use of their artistic value.  We have decided to box our beautiful glass up and offer it to the public through Stained Glass Direct on Esty.

TO SHOP: Please click the logo below to Stained Glass Direct on Esty.

There are four kinds of scrap glass that we offer:

  1. Clear Glass
  2. Opaque Glass
  3. Cathedral Glass
  4. End Pieces

We offer scrap glass in 5lb and 10 lb boxes.

The stained glass you will receive will vary in color, size, and texture; no box is the same.

WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE any particular colors, textures, or glass dimensions.
WE CAN GUARANTEE that you will receive only the finest European and American glass in the industry.

We love the idea of upcycling our glass to be shared and valued by other creative artists who love upcycling and preserving the environment while creating new and innovative ways to use glass. We are excited to participate in this adventure with our community and cannot wait to see the creative pieces that everyone comes up with.

To share some ideas on how scrap glass can be upcycled.  We have posted some YouTube videos and a list of how scrap glass can be used.

We hope you're able to find them of value.

  • Fused Glass
  • Glass Casting
  • Glass Coasters
  • Glass Dishes
  • Glass Jewelry
  • Glass Tiles
  • Glass Pendant
  • Bird Baths
  • Night Lights
  • Picture Frames
  • Mosaics
  • Broken Glass Art
  • Glass Concrete Steppingstones
  • Glass Window Frames
  • Glass Furniture
  • Mosaic Glass Kitchen Backsplash
  • Concrete Countertop with Glass
  • Mosaic Glass Mailboxes